Sunday, June 19, 2016

Welcome to our camping blog

With Summer comes campers near our quiet little backyard farm here in Upstate New York. We live about 5 minutes from Lake Ontario so people come from around the world to check out the beautiful lake as well as to leave the USA and go visit Canada and Niagara Falls. We have many camping grounds in our area and farmers and local residents will "set up shop" just for these yearly visitors each year. Some will set up a "vegetable stand" in their front yards. The locals also all take advantage of the location and have boats, campers and enjoy the life so to speak all year long. 

     We usually can spot our much welcomed yearly visitors along with the migrant workers who come to help harvest all the apples, peaches and cherries contrasting with the simple life of the local country folk and Amish and Mennonite families here who call this home. A definite mix of people here during the summer but we all love camping and the lifestyle. 

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